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Online registration for tours is not currently available.
Be sure to see the inserts in Antique Automobile magazine or contact the AACA National Office Headquarters.

AACA Sponsored Tours:

AACA Reliability Tour

The Reliability Tour is held during even-numbered years and is for brass era vehicles manufactured in 1915 and earlier. All AACA recognized vehicles of that vintage are permitted to take part. The Reliability Tour was designed many years ago to test the reliability of earlier vehicles.

AAA Glidden Tour

The AAA Glidden Tour is sponsored in alternating years by the AACA and the Veteran Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA) The AACA hosts this tour during odd-number years, and the VMCCA hosts it during even-numbered years. Vehicles manufactured in 1942 and earlier qualify to take part in this event.  This event is the most prestigious of all antique automobile tours in the nation. Originally held annually from 1904 until 1913, it has been recreated by a number of hosts in different parts of the country. The AAA Glidden Tour remains the largest and most traditional of our Tours.

AACA Founders Tour

The Founders Tour is sponsored annually for all vehicles, except race vehicles, manufactured from 1932 through a production year 25 years prior to the year of the tour. The Founders Tour was established to honor the founders of AACA, and was designed to permit the use of newer vehicles on an AACA Tour.

AACA Vintage Tour

The Vintage Tour is held during odd-numbered years and is for vehicles manufactured in 1931 or earlier. The Vintage Tour was designed to provide an additional touring opportunity for earlier vehicles.

AACA Sentimental Tour

The Sentimental Tour is a National Tour to supplement the already existing Reliability and Vintage Tours.  It will be sponsored during even numbered years and is for vehicles manufactured from 1928 through 1958, except for race vehicles.

AACA Divisional Tour

Each year, a Divisional Tour may be scheduled in each of our four geographical divisions, i.e. Eastern, Central, Southeastern and Western. These tours are of shorter duration than our traditional five-day tours. The hosting Region or Chapter is free to decide which vehicles are eligible to participate, so long as all vehicles are of production year 25 years prior to the year of the tour and are recognized AACA vehicles.

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