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Antique Automobile Club of America

All AACA and AACA Library & Research Center are trademarked and can only be used in conjunction with approved activities. AACA Regions and Chapters are authorized to use these logos for publicity purposes. Any commercial enterprise must get written permission to use any or all of these logos from the appropriate AACA entity.


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Film List | Video List

NOTE: You must be an AACA Region or Chapter President to place a film or video order.

Order Date:
Exact Show Date:
President's Name:
Region/Chapter Name:
President's Address:
Ship To: (If different)
Film/Video Requested
Film or Video? Film/Video # Film/Video Title
1st Choice: Film Video
2nd Choice: Film Video
3rd Choice: Film Video

All requests must be made 4 weeks prior to show date: Requests will be acknowledged. Film/Video will be sent 10 days prior to show date and must be returned next mailing day after the show date. When returning film/video to AACA National Headquarters, insure each item for a minimum of $100. If using United Parcel Service, $100 insurance is automatically included. Substitutions will be made when necessary at the discretion of the film librarian.

NOTE: This form is to be printed and returned. You can not submit your request electronically.

Please complete and print this Film/Video Request and return it to the following :

Antique Automobile Club of America
501 W Governor Rd
Hershey, PA 17033
PHONE: (717) 534-2082 FAX: (717) 534-9101

  1. What judging class would my vehicle be in?
  2. Do you rent antique vehicles for weddings, anniversaries etc.?
  3. Do you have a list of hotel/motels available for the Hershey car show?
  4. How do I get information about the Hershey Car Show?
  5. How do I get a certificate of insurance for my club event?
  6. Can I pay my membership dues for more than one year at a time?
  7. Why does my membership expire December 31st if I joined the club in June? Isn't my membership good for one year?
  8. When am I supposed to receive my Antique Automobile magazine?
  9. Where do I find the activity request card in my Antique Automobile magazine?
  10. When is the renewal notice for yearly dues sent?


  1. What judging class would my vehicle be in?

    Please review the judging manual available on this site under the dropdown boxes in the Meets or Publications section.

  2. Do you rent antique vehicles for weddings, anniversaries etc.?

    The AACA National Headquarters does not have any vehicles for rent. You can contact one of the local Regions or Chapters in your area to see if any members are willing to loan out their vehicle for use. Click on the Regions/Chapter link.

  3. Do you have a list of hotel/motels available for the Hershey car show?

    For lodging information in the Harrisburg, Hershey and Carlisle area please visit www.visithhc.com.

  4. How do I get information about the Hershey Car Show?

    Anyone participating in the Hershey Car Show in the flea market, car corral or car show, must be a member of AACA. AACA members should fill out the Activity Request Card included in the magazine package of the May/June issue of Antique Automobile magazine. All three areas of the Hershey Show: vehicle registration, flea market and car corral will be listed on the activity request card. Indicate the area(s) you are interested in and return the card to AACA National Headquarters. You can also place your request by calling National Headquarters at 717-534-1910. Registration forms for the Hershey Show will be mailed to all requesting members starting July 1st. It is the members' responsibility to complete the registration form(s) and mail them with payment to the Hershey Region AACA.

    For additional information about the Hershey Show visit http://hershey.aaca.com/.

  5. How do I get a certificate of insurance for my club event?

    Contact AACA National Headquarters at 717-534-1910 or go under the Region & Chapter section under forms and download the application for insurance. 

  6. Can I pay my membership dues for more than one year at a time?

    Yes you can. Contact the membership department at National Headquarters at 717-534-1910 for more information.

  7. Why does my membership expire December 31st if I joined the club in June? Isn't my membership good for one year?

    A membership in AACA is good for the calendar year January 1st through December 31st. If you join after May 31, dues are $20 if it is your first year of membership; otherwise there is no proration of dues. AACA will send missing back issues of Antique Automobile if they are available automatically as supplemental mailings. Memberships received after September 30th will be held and processed for the following calendar year unless there is an immediate need for membership during the current calendar year. Such needs would include participation in a national meet or tour during the current year. Memberships held for the new calendar year will receive the November/December issue of Antique Automobile for the current year as well as all six issues for the New Year.

  8. When am I supposed to receive my Antique Automobile magazine?

    The Antique Automobile magazine is a bi-monthly magazine. There are six issues sent to the members each calendar year, January/February, March/April May/June etc. Magazines are generally in the mail system to our members during the middle of the first month of issue. For example, the January/February issue would be mailed around January 15th.

  9. Where do I find the activity request card in my Antique Automobile magazine?

    The activity request card isn't found in the Antique Automobile magazine. The request card is located on the sheet of paper to which your address is printed, found inside your magazine package.

  10. When is the renewal notice for yearly dues sent?

    Your renewal notice isn't sent as a first class mailing. Your renewal notice is printed on the address sheet of your Antique Automobile magazine. The first renewal notice is on the address sheet of the September/October issue of Antique Automobile. If necessary, a second and third notice will be issued with the November/December and January/February Antique Automobile magazine. If membership dues are still unpaid after the third renewal notice, up to two reminder post cards will be mail to the unpaid member. All members, paid and unpaid, will receive the January/February issue of Antique Automobile.  All other magazines for the member year are mailed to paid members only.

NOTE: You must be an AACA Region or Chapter President to 
place a film or video order.

Instructions For Receiving And Using AACA Films

All films in the AACA Film Library are 16 mm. Films will be mailed postpaid by AACA National Headquarters to the president of any recognized AACA Region or Chapter or to the program chairman at the direction of the President. All requests must be made by the president four (4) weeks prior and include show date. Film request forms are available from AACA National Headquarters Films must be returned next mailing day after show date. Failure to do so may result in suspension of ordering privileges. If the film is damaged during use, report such damages on the card enclosed with the film. Secure end of films with masking tape before mailing. Keep a minimum of three (3) feet of header on films at all times. CAUTION: Due to copyrights and regulations on AACA films, no admission charge or fund raising projects may be made when showing AACA films. Film showing time is not to exceed 60 minutes for each showing. When returning films to AACA National Headquarters, insure each film for a minimum of $100.00. If using United Parcel Service to return films, $100.00 insurance is automatically included.

To order a film complete and return the Film/Video Request Form.

  1. 1948 GLIDDEN TOUR ­ Filmed by Tydol. Color, Silent, 25 minutes.
  2. 1951 GLIDDEN TOUR-Filmed by Gulf Oil. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  3. MAKE WAY FOR YESTERDAY­VMCCA Silver Jubilee Rally 1955, filmed by Regent Oil Company. Color, Sound, 40 minutes.
  4. GOGGLES AND GAUNTLETS­1953 Gladden Tour, filmed by Firestone Tire & Rubber Company. Color, Sound, 15 minutes.
  5. LEST WE FORGET ­ filmed by General Motors Corporation. Opens with first auto show. Lively comedy in antique autos. B&W, Sound, 15 minutes.
  6. VINTAGE CAR FILM­1954 Anglo­American Car Rally. B&W. Sound, 15 minutes.
  7. HEY! GET A HORSE! ­ 6th Annual Hamilton­Fairfield Parade Exhibition, 1960. Gift of Antique & Classic Car Club of Butler County. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  8. 1956 VMCCA GLIDDEN TOUR AT FRENCH LICK, INC.- Filmed by Leonard Rhinehart. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  9. 1957 GLIDDEN TOUR FROM ROANOKE, VA. TO HERSHEY- Filmed by Leonard Rhinehart. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  10. THRU A REAR­VIEW MIRROR­1957 Glidden Tour, filmed by Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  11. ORMOND BEACH ANTIQUE CAR SHOW­Gift to "The Birth place of Speed," 1960 Antique Car Show. Color, Sound, 12 minutes.
  12. TOURING 'ROUND TAHOE­HCCA 1960 Tour. Gift to AACA by Horseless Carriage Club of America. Color, Sound, 35 minutes.
  13. 1958 VMCCA GLIDDEN TOUR IN NEW ENGLAND­Including Lake Forest AACA Meet and Virginia Meet of Classic Car Club, filmed by Leonard Rhinehart. Color. Silent, 45 minutes.
  14. 1959 GLIDDEN TOUR FROM CINCINNATI TO DETROIT- Consists of three films. each of which shows the entire tour. Color, Silent, one hour.
  15. 1959 AACA LONDON TO BRIGHTON ENTRY-Central Park competition and Brighton Run in England by official U S entry Color. Silent, 15 minutes.
  16. 1960 BRIGHTON ELIMINATION TRIALS AT HERSHEY- Filmed by Mrs. William Klein, Jr. Color, Silent, 15 minutes.
  17. 1905 THE FIRST GLIDDEN TOUR-B&W, Silent, 12 minutes.
  18. THE FIRST INDIANAPOLIS 500-saw, Silent, 12 minutes.
  19. 1960 SCOTTISH VETERAN CAR RALLY-Gift of National Benzole Company, Ltd. Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  20. AACA EUROPEAN TRIP & RUN-Filmed by Leonard Rhinehart. Color, Silent, 30 minutes.
  21. THE THREE POINTED STAR-History of Mercedes Daimler, Benz Company from 1885 to date, Grand Prix Races, factory production of present Mercedes cars. Gift of Mercedes Benz. Color, Sound, 35 minutes.
  22. 1964 GLIDDEN TOUR-Filmed by Conoco Gas at Pikes Peak, Colorado. B&W, Sound, 30 minutes.
  23. BEAUTY IN TRUST-Gift of National Benzole Company, Ltd. Views of English homes and castles. Color, Sound, 20 minutes
  24. SAFETY FIRST-A gift of Mercedes Benz. How to drive safely shows results of accidents in Mercedes testing. B&W Sound 12 minutes.
  25. 1964 GETTYSBURG SPRING MEET-Filmed by John A. Brown. Color, Sound, 16 minutes.
  26. RACELAND-Framingham; Massachusetts & New York World's Fair 1940 VMCCA day. B&W, Silent. 20 minutes.
  27. MONTAGUE MUSEUM­Offical opening of the museum in England. Color, Sound, 20 minutes
  28. LET'S GO GLIDDEN IN 1965-Filmed by Robert Buckley in Virginia and West Virginia. Color, 45 minutes.
  29. BLOW YOUR HORN-1966 Reno Tour. Gift of Horseless Carriage Club through Bill Harrah, A Mike Roberts production. Color, Sound, 45 minutes.
  30. THE AMERICAN ROAD-History of Ford Motor Company from first car through the "Ts" till today. Donation of a permanent loan from Ford Company. B&W, Sound, 40 minutes.
  31. 1909 AUTO RACE-Along with re­run 50 years later. Donation of a permanent loan from Ford Company. Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  32. HORSES TO HORSEPOWER-History of Flint, Michigan from carriages to cars of today. History of G.M. B&W, Sound, 60 minutes.
  33. 1966 AACA EUROPEAN TOUR-By Richard Minnick. AACA tour in Europe back of Iron Curtain. Color, Silent,50 minutes.
  34. 1967 GLIDDEN TOUR-In Michigan by Richard Minnick.1967 Glidden as traveled through Michigan. Color, Silent, 40 minutes. AACA film.
  35. 1967 GLIDDEN TOUR-In Michigan as filmed by WKYC­TV station Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  36. 1947 FALL OUTING AACA-Devon, Pennsylvania. Color, Silent, 15 minutes.
  37. FIRST MOVIES OF AACA MEETS ­ 1939 Meet in Marion ­ First Annual Banquet at Bookbinders, Philadelphia. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  38. 1949 GLIDDEN TOUR-An Indianapolis review. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  39. GADGETS GALORE-Early auto history. B&W, Sound, 12 minutes.
  41. HISTORY ON WHEELS-From carriages through to today B&W, Sound, 15 minutes.
  42. AUTO BIOGRAPHY-A 20th Century Production of CBS narrated by Walter Cronkite (Auto History from the start). B&W, Sound. 30 minutes.
  43. MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG-With Groucho Marx, an NBC­TV production, early auto history through changing America till today along with comedy. B&W, Sound, 55 minutes.
  44. OUR OLD CAR-Family cars from 1905 to 1936, MGM Production. B&W, Sound, 12 minutes.
  45. 1950­/51 DEVON MEET ­ 1951 YORKLYN DELAWARE MEET-By Stanley Wilkinson. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  46. 1951 POTTSTOWN MEET-OLD DOMINION MEET- WAYNESBORO 1954-By Stanley Wilkinson. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  47. HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH ANTIQUE CARS-35 mm slides of antique cars, showing how to photograph them.
  48. STYLING AND THE EXPERIMENTAL CAR-By Ford Motor Company. Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  49. 1969 GLIDDEN TOUR IN TENNESSEE-By Roland Dunkelberger and Ray Campbell. Color, Silent, 60 minutes.
  50. TWO TARS-Laurel & Hardy. Two sailors rent a Model T and wreck about every car in sight. BOW, Silent, 30 minutes.
  51. BARNEY OLDFIELD'S RACE FOR A LIFE-Ford Sterling, Mack Sennett & Oldfield B&W, Silent, 12 minutes.
  52. ALL WET-Charlie Chase comedy. BOW, Silent, 15 minutes.
  53. NON­SKID KID-Eddie Boland. B&W. Silent. 15 minutes.
  54. CALIFORNIA OR BUST-Snub Pollard. B&W, Silent, 30 minutes.
  55. STEPPING ON THE GAS-Milburn Morante. B&W, Silent, 30 minutes.
  56. A WEEK END DRIVER-A hair raising chase with airplanes and flivvers. B&W, Silent, 15 minutes.
  57. THE RECKLESS DRIVER-Woody Woodpecker Cartoon. B&W, Sound. 8 minutes.
  58. WANDERING WILLIES-Andy Clyde. B&W, Silent, 30 minutes.
  59. THE FIREMAN-Charlie Chaplin B&W, Silent, 30 minutes.
  60. A TWO CYL IND ER ROMANC E-Bi I I i e R hodes. B&W, Silent, 15 minutes.
  61. LOVE. SPEED AND THRILLS-Chester Conklin. B&W. Silent, 15 minutes.
  62. HAVE BADGE, WILL CHASE-Abbott and Costello B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  63. BIG BUSINESS-Laurel & Hardy selling Christmas trees from a Model T. B&W. Silent, 30 minutes.
  64. CHAMPS OF THE CHASE-Abbott and Costello. B&W, Sound, 8 minutes.
  65. DOUBLE WHOOPEE-Laurel & Hardy as Hotel Footman and Doorman. saw. Silent, 30 minutes.
  66. WIFE AND AUTO TROUBLE-Willie Coller who takes the secretary out in a new T. BBW, Silent, 15 minutes.
  67. HU RRY/HURRY-W. C. Fields in the maddest motorcar merrymaking ever filmed. B&W, Sound, 8 minutes.
  68. ROARING WHEELS-Shows building and operating miniature race cars, Soap Box Derby and early racing cars. B&W, Sound, 8 minutes.
  69. T'WAS HENRY'S FAULT-How mass production of the T changed things. B&W, Silent, 20 minutes.
  70. YESTERDAY LIVES AGAIN-Shows Wright Brothers, San Francisco earthquake, Lillian Russell and Buffalo Bill. B&W, Sound, 8 minutes.
  71. THE GREAT CHASE-W. C. Fields drives a get­a­way car for a pair of bank robbers in a madcap escape. B&W, Sound, 8 minutes.
  72. THE DESPERATE SCOUNDREL-Ford Sterling and Keystone Cops, comedy. B&W, Silent, 30 minutes.
  73. THRILLS ON WHEELS-An amazing hair raising picture. B&W, Sound, 8 minutes.
  74. AUTO INTOXICATION-Ford Sterling. What happens when you buy an auto. BOW, Sound, 15 minutes.
  75. TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE-Gloria Swanson and Wallace Berry. Hero rescues heroine from railroad tracks, auto chases, close calls with trains. B&W, Silent, 35 minutes.
  76. THE 13th ALARM-Chester Conklin, as a member of tire company who even starts a tire. B&W, Sound, 16 minutes.
  77. THE MUSIC BOX-Laurel & Hardy. Their funniest comedy, all about delivering a new piano on top of a hill. B&W, Sound, 35 minutes.
  78. GAY NINETIES LIVE AGAIN-90's highlights. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  79. BUSY BODIES-Laurel & Hardy comedy in which their T finally ends up by being sawed in two. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  80. MEET THE SENATOR-Heinie Conklin. A Mack Sennett comedy ends with a car chase. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  81. THE MESSENGER BOY-A Benny Rubin comedy, real action. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  82. HOG WILD-Laurel & Hardy comedy. Trying to put up an aerial when the ladder gels stuck on a T and the fun starts. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  83. HOT ROD HUCKSTER-A Woody Woodpecker cartoon. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  84. THE LION TAMER-Amos a Andy in the circus. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  85. OUR DAREDEVIL CHIEF-Ford Sterling as chief of Keystone Kops. B&W, Silent, 20 minutes.
  86. A JITNEY ELOPEMENT-Just that in a Model T. B&W, Silent, 25 minutes.
  87. ONE GOOD TURN-Laurel & Hardy off to see America in a Model T. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  88. MIDNIGHT PATROL-Laurel & Hardy as policemen on night squad car duty. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  89. THE SPEED KINGS-Early auto racing. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  90. HOLLYWOOD OR BUST-Abbott & Costello. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  91. YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK-By Ford Motor Company Tour through the park. Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  92. AIKAI IKES AUTO-Horse. car comedy. B&W, Silent, 20 minutes.
  93. ON THE WRONG TREK-What happens when you take your mother-in-law on your vacation in the old car. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  94. SUPER-HOOPER-DYNE-LIZZIES-A Mack Senett comedy when radio controlled Model T's take over. B&W, Silent, 25 minutes.
  95. TOUR KENTUCKY TOUR-Filmed and donated by Widen DuRand lilt, 1969 Model T tour through Kentucky. Color, Sound, 25 minutes.
  96. THE CHANGING ARCHITECTURE OF THE AUTOMOBILE BODY-A GM production showing the changing of early body style of cars, sport cars and special bodies. Color, Sound, 30 minutes.
  97. PERFECT DAY-Laurel & Hardy comedy when the family goes on a Sunday outing in the T. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  98. SCENES OF THE 68 GLI DDEN IN VERMONT AN D 69 STEAM MEET IN CAPE COD-Color, Silent, 20 minutes. Donated to AACA.
  99. FLIGHT OF THE ARROW-Story of the 1933 V-12 PierceArrow Roadster, 24 hour run in salt flats at Bonneville. 45 minutes, B&W, Sound.
  100. 1970 AACA SPRING MEET AT CHAPEL HILL, N.C.-20 minutes, B&W, and Color, Silent. Can be used on single drive sprocket (sound) projectors only.
  101. LIZZ I ES O F TH E Fl EL D-An early auto race that is really wild. B&W, Silent, 20 minutes.
  102. LOVE. LOOT AND CRASH-When the cook is tired and the crooks take over the Model T race is on. B&W, Silent, 25 minutes.
  103. THE HOOSEGOW-Laurel & Hardy get started when arrested during prohibition. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  104. COUNTY HOSPITAL-Laurel & Hardy comedy. An accident starts it all. B&W, Sound. 20 minutes.
  105. THE 3 SPRING MEETS OF 1971-(75th Anniversary Year) By Roland Dunkelberger. Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  106. DAYTONA BEACH ANTIQUE CAR MEET-Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  107. BLOTTO-Laurel & Hardy comedy. How to step out on your wife and what she does to your T. B&W, Sound, 30 minutes.
  108. AN AUTO Nut-Sid and Paul comedy. How to get your wife a new car. B&W, silent, 15 minutes.
  109. THE BLACKSMITH-Buster Keaton comedy. Ruins the good old cars. B&W, Silent, 30 minutes.
  110. CHICKENS COME HOME-Laurel & Hardy comedy. The past will catch up with you and trouble begins. B&W, Sound, 30 minutes.
  111. WILBER SHOWS AUTO RACING HISTORY-B&W, Sound,20 minutes.
  112. DON'T PARK HERE-Charlie Dorety shows how to start the old cars, comedy. B&W, Silent, 30 minutes.
  113. IF I HAD A MILLION-Comedy W. C. Fields takes that million, buys old cars and demolishes them. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  114. YOUNG OLDFIELD-And his racing career. B&W, Silent. 10 minutes.
  115. BOBS BUSY DAY-Bob Hope with his problems with old cars and girls, comedy. B&W. Sound, 10 minutes.
  116. HOBOKEN TO HOLLYWOOD-Billy Beven and Vernon Dent comedy. Cross country trip in a 1922 Essex and mobile home, plus a short on Hollywood today (1920 that is). B&W, Silent. 20 minutes.
  117. TAXI TRIANGLE-With Jack Benny comedy. How to get married and divorced while waiting for the light to change. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  118. BREEZING ALONG-Lloyd Hamilton as the chauffeur who does it all wrong comedy. B&W, Silent, 25 minutes.
  119. CALIFORNIA BOUND-W. C. Fields comedy when he heads west to his orange grove oasis!! B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  120. ANY OLD PART-Laurel and Hardy comedy Just into trouble with a maiden In distress. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  121. FATAL GLASS OF BEER-W. C. Fields comedy. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  122. HIS MARRIAGE VOW-Harry Longdon comedy. B&W, Silent, 20 minutes.
  123. THE PHARMOCIST -W. C. Fields comedy gun tight and boot legging. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  124. PERILS OF PAULINE-Pat Boone. 1917 Hudson Super 6 Touring in car chase. B&W, Silent. 12 minutes.
  125. SATURDAY AFTERNOON-Vernon Dent comedy. What happens when you step out on your wife with the car. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  126. RACK FOR LIFE-Barney Oldtield.1913 races to the girl tied to the tracks. B&W. Silent, 12 minutes.
  127. NO INDIANS PLEASE-Abbott & Costello comedy. The Indians chase that Model A. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  128. HIS FIRST FLAT TIRE-Sid Smith. Comedy. What happens when you stop at the bank while it is being robbed. B&W, Silent, 15 minutes.
  129. DEVIL DRIVERS-Early Auto Racing. Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, dirt track, Indianapolis. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  130. ON THEIR WAY-Eddie Boland comedy. 1920 Sports Van (Model T) equipped for camping! B&W, Silent. 12 minutes.
  131. DON'T PARK THERE-Will Rogers comedy. A country boy going to town with horse and wagon, buys T and trouble starts. B&W, Sound. 30 minutes.
  132. A HASH HORSE FRAUD-Comedy. They try to sell the beanery, the purchaser calls the Keystone Kops. B&W, Silent. 12 minutes.
  133. FAST AND FARIOUS-Lidge Conley. Slapstick old car action (twin 6 Packard, T's). B&W, Silent, 30 minutes
  134. 1971 AACA GLIDDEN TOUR-Ottawa. Canada. Color, Sound, one hour. By Roland Dunkelberger.
  135. SKYLARKING-Mack Sennett Comedy with flying 1923 Model T. Sound, 12 minutes.
  136. TAKE NEXT CAR-Hal Roach Comedy. Race between horse drawn trolley and 1923 Reo Jitney Sound, 12 minutes.
  137. GASALOONS'-1934 RKO Radio Production. Ed Kennedy drops a windshield nut, comedy. Sound, 20 minutes.
  138. WHAT PRICE TAXI-Gilbert Cook comedy Problems of the taxi drivers in early 30's. BOW, Sound, 20 minutes.
  139. GENTS OF LEISURE-Chester Conkin. Leisure life interrupted by the old steam train and cars. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  140. THE MECHANIC-Donald Duck shows how to fix your car B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  141. 1972 AACA RELIABILITY TOUR-Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Color, 25 minutes, Sound
  142. MIDGET CAR MANIACS-Comedy. Abbott & Costello. B&W, Sound, 12 minutes.
  143. CHICAGO TO EVANSTON RACE-As rerun in 1945 Color, Silent, 20 minutes.
  144. FASHION BY FUNCTION-Chrysler Airflow story. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  145. HERITAGE PLANTATION-Story of the Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, Massachusetts, includes Antique Auto Museum. Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  146. THE FAST LADY-A full Length feature. Story of a Bentley Racer filmed in England. Rated "G." Color, Sound, One hour and 45 minutes.
  147. 1973 GEORGIA GLIDDEN TOUR-Color 60 minutes.
  148. BEYOND A PROMISE-Story of Studebaker. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  149. 1956 AACA EAGLE ROCK HILL CLIMB-Color, Silent, 15 minutes.
  150. 1949 FORD NEW CAR SALESMAN-Color, Sound, 15 minutes.
  151. DOLLARS & SENSE-Mack Sennett Comedy. Romance triangle with Keystone Kops to the rescue. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  152. SATURDAY AFTERNOON-Harry Landon comedy with the girls on a car ride. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  153. TOWED INTO A HOLE-Laurel a Hardy comedy with their boat and Model T. B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  154. TAKE BUS, PAY LATER-Abbott & Costello comedy. B&W, Sound, 8 minutes.
  155. 1975 GLIDDEN TOUR-Canandaigua, New York. Color. Sound, 25 minutes.
  156. 140 ­ 35 mm slides of the 1975 Glidden Tour mounted in one round Kodak Carousel 140 Slide tray.
  157. (NETTING A TICKET-Eddie Cantor gets picked up in his 1925 Rolls. BOW, Sound, 20 minutes.
  158. CAR TROUBLE-When a Model A is hemmed in by two cars. And HORN HEROS-Laurel 6 Hardy in a brass horn factory. The two shorts are B&W, Sound, 15 minutes.
  159. KEYSTONE KOPS-Original Keystone Kops on toot. B&W, Sound, 15 minutes
  160. KID SPEED-Larry Semon & Oliver Hardy Early race cars and garage comedy. B&W, 20 minutes.
  161. LOVES INTRIOUE-Garage mechanic boxes champion over girl, with old car and train chase B&W. Sound, 30 minutes.
  162. PARDON MY BACKFIRE-Three Stooges run a garage!!! B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  163. UNCOVERED WAGON-A Model T caravan with prairie schooner tops. B&W, Sound, 15 minutes.
  164. POPEYE'S USED CAR AND POPEYE'S MOTOR KNOCKS-Comedy cartoons. B&W, Sound, 10 minutes.
  166. TOONERVILLE TROLLEY-Famous Old Trolley Car with Kitraka Animated, Color. Sound. 10 minutes
  167. BIMBO'S AUTO-Bimbo Trades old for new then goes back to the old. Cartoon. Animated Color. Sound, 10 minutes.
  168. THE STOLEN JOOLS-A guessing game for over 70 old time movie stars of the 30's appear in this film. Car Chase B&W, Sound, 20 minutes.
  169. COPS-Buster Keaton and Virginia Fox Comedy. Cops and Action. B&W, Sound, Music Track, 20 minutes.
  170. MATCHING THE HARD ONES-Newest techniques in repair" ing lacquers. Color, Sound, 20 minutes.
  171. BEFORE YOU SPRAY-Products to use and procedures to follow in preparing surface before you spray color coats. Color. Sound. 15 minutes.
  172. THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE-Traces the colorful story of the automobile to today. Color, Sound, 30 minutes.
  173. STORY OF THE 1918 MAXWELL, B&W, Silent. 15 minutes.
  174. 1976 VMCCA GLIDDEN TOUR. Colorado Springs, Color, Sound, 30 minutes.
  176. EARLY AMERICAN AUTO RACING-1930 to 1956 FOXTONE NEWS REELS, BOW, Sound, 20 minutes
  177. 1976 RELIABILITY TOUR, Orillia, Ontario, Canada, 25 minutes, Silent
  178. AACA 1977 GLIDDEN TOUR, Part 1 (10 minutes) Part 11 (45 minutes}. Silent, 55 minutes total
  179. STUDEBAKER FILM, Tasting of 1935 models­new and durable body and ride, B&W, Sound, 10 minutes-Second part, story and demonstrations of Studebakers Weasel Cargo & Personnel carrier built for the Army, 1842­1844, Color, Sound. 20 minutes.
  180. AN AMERICAN LOVE AFFAIR,Amencan Motors, 15 minutes, Color, Sound.
  181. SMART WORK-What happens when your wife buys a new Car for your birthday and you do not know it. B&W, Sound, 12 minutes.
  182. 1981 LONG ISLAND GLIDDEN TOUR­Silent, 45 minutes.
  183. 1964 INDY 500 RACE-Color, Sound, 28 minutes.
  184. 1973 INDIANAPOLIS 500 RACE­Color, Sound, 30 minutes.
  185. 1982 RELIABILITY TOUR-B&W, Silent, 20 minutes, Filmed and donated by Roland Dunkelberger.
  186. 1983 BLUE RIDGE GLIDDEN TOUR­Silent, Color, 45 minutes.
  187. Magic of a Shadow (Rolls Royce )­ Sound, Color, 20 minutes.

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